"Lure of the SWAMP" - The Screen Printed Rock Posters of Lindsey Kuhn
Lindsey Kuhn

Lindsey Kuhn has been screen printing since 1984. Helping to revive the lost art of the Rock Poster in the 90's. For the past 18 years he has been creating posters for shows around the world. Keeping his D.I.Y. ethic alive by printing and selling his own work as well as other artists through his print company called SWAMP.

"Lure of the SWAMP" is his first book. It has over 100 full-color pages of pure rock art. It chronicles 26 years of Lindsey's printing history in images and text. If you like Modern Rock Posters, you need this book!

"If there is one thing that makes America great, it's a special type of self made pioneer, the true D.I.Y...The Trailblazer! That unique person that grabs a hold of his world and his culture and molds it into energy and momentum. There's an old term for it, STOKED. And Lindsey is a being, STOKED to the fullest!" -Kozik 2009

SECOND EDITION includes bonus pages!