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Public access to catalog and more.

This weekend we've opened up the basic catalog to public viewing, except for pricing and unit information.  You will still need to login with an account to view pricing information, but all other information is up for press or promotional consumption.  If you're not an existing customer and you wish to open a wholesale account with us, please see our ordering page and submit an application to us.

Have a great weekend!

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A few new features and links.

As we continue to refine the catalog access we've added two new links above which go directly to filtered catalogs of I Heart Guts and Throwboy brands.  This should make it easier for those of you who are mostly interested in those brands, but feel free to peruse the entire catalog. :)


We've also added the SKU to the fields that you can search on in the catalog if you're looking for something in particular.  And of course at any time you can type "<sku#>" (ex: in your browser and be taken right to the item's product page.


Look for more improvements to the catalog in the days and weeks ahead!

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A Bright New Day, Bright and Shiny Toys

First, thanks to everyone for their patience yesterday with receiving their catalog accounts.  Par for the course, there were a lot of technology hiccups, many of which were ironed out, and will be fewer and fewer as we move forward.  Online self-ordering is not ready for release, as we're not ready for that just yet, but it's on our list of goals to accomplish in the future months ahead, along with many other things we're looking to do. :)


Amazingly, not a single toy has been harmed in the cutover to Disburst, and that's really what matters!  And this guy here knows something about slogging through the daily grind...


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Disburst Announces Purchase of DKE Toys Wholesale Operations

Los Angeles/Columbus, Dec 1, 2015: Disburst today announced the agreement to purchase DKE Toys wholesale operations from owner/operator Dov Kelemer. Taking place Feb 1, 2016, the purchase will make Disburst the largest independent toy wholesale distributor in the world with vendors and customers spread around the globe. Integral to the purchase agreement is a service agreement with DKE Toys to continue to provide vendor relations/management and new product acquisition services for Disburst going forward. Disburst will continue to maintain the current warehousing and fulfillment operations in North Hollywood, CA.

"The opportunity to take the highly respected services DKE Toys provides and extend their reach and breadth is what motivates Disburst. Retaining Dov's participation via DKE Toys as an invaluable resource for independent toy designers to work with on behalf of Disburst is what makes this purchase so important to us," said Scott Kuenzli, Chief Executive Officer of Disburst. "We at Disburst anticipate that leveraging our extensive backgrounds in business operations will enable us to take and grow the DKE Toys wholesale and fulfillment operations to include even more vendors, products, and customers in the future years."

DKE Toys has been in the toy business for over 22 years and has operated as a wholesale independent toy distributor since 2005, presently serving as the largest independent toy distributor in the world. Owner Dov Kelemer has a long and positive history of supporting independent toy designers through his company, DKE Toys, which currently provides wholesale and fulfillment services for 170+ independent vendors. Dov will continue to be the point person for independent product vendors world over through DKE Toys' continued vendor management relationship with Disburst.

Disburst, in Columbus, is a partnership between local entrepreneurs and friends Scott Kuenzli and Kent Boelling. With over 40 years of specialty retailing experience between them, Scott and Kent bring extensive business backgrounds with years of experience in direct mail advertising, financial and business systems software, logistics, convention exhibition, and art exhibition. Scott's relationship to designer toys and popular culture art began in the late 90s when he attended the FX Toy show in Orlando, FL. Scott has often acted behind the scenes assisting Rivet during its 8 years as a popular culture mainstay of the Short North Arts District in Columbus, OH. He has served as a board member for the Short North Arts District business association, exhibited and dealt artwork on Rivet's behalf at various Columbus venues and at Art Basel. Kent's background in popular culture centers on his two and a half decade owning and operating Columbus' longest running full service game store, The Soldiery. He started his first import-export company at age 23. Kent has served as an invaluable resource for numerous local entrepreneurs through informal startup business consulting for independent game producers over the course of his ownership and operation of The Soldiery.

Disburst, headquartered in Columbus, OH is a limited liability company formed in 2015 for the purposes of worldwide independent creative product distribution.

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