I love the D: Enamel Pin
Special Ed Toys

Do you love the D? Of course you do! I mean, who doesn't? And with this smooth yet hard 2.2" enamel pin you can show your love for that large, erect...castle! Those thick and creamy...Dole whips! That mouth stretching...turkey leg! That long, brown...churro! With rides that will leave you drained and starving for more! You can tell by the way you walk that the D has ruined you for all other...theme parks! So grab this soft black dyed metal pin with glittery white enamel and let the world know! Because even if you haven't been there in over a year you still feel like you can't sit down for a week...because of the rides and all the walking and waiting in lines and stuff. That's why. *clears throat nervously* A-Hyuck!

Made in poor taste in Los Angeles, CA
*This is a poorly made pin made by a poorly made human being
*It is not suitable for anyone of any age
*Do not gift gift this to your kids and then send me hate mail after they start crying
*It's a fucking joke. Calm down. Don't take it too hard (that's what she said).
*Love the D. Miss the D. But whatever you do don't take the D for granted.
*I'm talking about the theme park you dirty bastard