Master of the Swamp: Cheap Plastic Mask Pin
Special Ed Toys

“Buy this pin you must. Regret it afterwards you will. Mmmm.”
-Master Of The Swamp
The “Cheap Plastic Mask” series is back with the “Master Of The Swamp” Edition featuring the swamp dwelling intergalactic uncle himself in collaboration with BB-CRE.8. He’s full of self proclaimed wisdom, drunk off of his own ego and he’s ready to embarrass you in front of all your scruffy good for nothing nerf herding friends in a pathetic attempt to spark nostalgia from your childhood Halloween days of wearing cheap plastic costumes in a box! So just give in to the power of the blatant attempt to pry open your wallets and snag one for yourself and a friend! And each 1.75” Extra Hard Green...Enamel Pin comes carded on a terrible homage to the boxes that held those lead paint covered costumes! So what are you waiting for? And as always... May The Force
Be IN You!”
-Made with tears and lack of sleep in Los Angeles, CA
-This is a poorly made pin by a poorly managed brand
-It is not suitable for anyone of any age
-Do not attempt to wear over your face or use to relive your childhood as both will result in severe crying and the loss of your self esteem
-Satisfaction or your money back guaranteed
-Guarantees not guaranteed