HaHa! Oh Boy 2" Hard Enamel Pin
Special Ed Toys

Everyone knows that finding a Hidden Mickey makes you feel like a real winner! But what if finding this Hidden Mickey made you feel like a loser? Haha! Oh boy! Special Ed brings you the ultimate Hidden Mickey that will leave you saying "Haha! Oh boy!" while you secretly hate yourself for looking because you already knew exactly what you were getting yourself into! But don't feel so bad because this pin will have your friends hating themselves too! Haha! Oh boy! So snag the ultimate Hidden Mickey and maybe next time you're in Disneyland or Disneyworld you can gotcha the head mouse himself, Mickey, with a taste of his own egotistical medicine! Haha! Oh boy!

*Made in the unhappiest place on Earth in Los Angeles, California
*This is a poorly made magic-less pin
*It is not suitable for anyone of any age
*Even if you wish upon a star it will not make your dreams come true
*Makes no difference who you are
*Even the smallest request is too extreme
*I mean after all this is just a fucking pin
*So save your whining and your wishing and just enjoy the stupid pun
*I'm kidding! I love ya'll! But still...kick rocks. Again, I'm only kidding! Haha! Oh boy!