"Jerry, We Need You" Enamel Pin
Special Ed Toys

Brian: For 400 dollars I got Jerry Garcia in a pouch, man!
Thurgood: Who the fuck told you that?
Brian: The man who sold it to me, Barry Garcia.
Thurgood Jenkins: So who is that, Jerry Garcia's brother?
Brian: No, actually it was Andy Garcia's brother.
What happens when one of your best friends gets thrown in jail for horse cop homicide?!? Simple! You steal a shitload of weed from the weed research center you work at as a janitor, brand it under a totally foolproof name like "Mr. Nice Guy Party Supplies" and you and your other best friends sell it on the streets to save up enough to bail Kenny's sweet virgin ass out before he finds out what it's like to run backwards through a field of corn! But what if you wind up fighting for your life and your backup is too damn high to come to your rescue? You say, "Jerry, we need you!", and toss your pouch filled with Jerry Garcia's ashes and watch Jerry rise from the ashes and take one graceful but effective swing at the villainous Samson with his guitar and save the day! "Jerry...Thank you, man!" So snag this 1" Soft Enamel pin with epoxy perfectly placed on Brian's necklace and commemorate one of the best comedies and raddest musicians ever! And remember it's Buttercup! Not Butterstuff! Not Butternuts! Cup, cup, cup! Say it!
-Made right near the beach in Los Angeles, California
-This is a poorly mad action-less pin
-It is not suitable for anyone of any age
-Yes it is a pin of a pouch
-But I was told by Barry Garcia that it has Jerry Garcia in it
-And I know what you're thinking but no, Barry is not Jerry's brother
-Actually he's Andy Garcia's brother
-And it only cost me $400
-Why are you getting mad?
-You said you gave Mary Jane a pearl necklace. How much did that cost, man?
-Ah ha. That's what I thought.