Mermanny! Enamel Pin
Special Ed Toys

Who wants to be Kawaii when you can be Uglwaii (pronounced Ugh-la-Why?!?)! Enter the world of ugly cute with Mermanny! A box climbing, sweatshop dwelling, bootlegging warehouse Merman! This sad but friendly brownie is ready to bring a little ugly cute into your life! Whether you need some positive vibes with a side of dorkiness, a hair draped shoulder to cry on, a lonely little weirdo to be lonely with or just someone to blame when you've tooted in a crowded room but who will still be there for you with a muppet smile and poofy hair then Mermanny is the emo Uglwaii pal for you!
-This is a poorly made action-less pin depicting a poorly made action-less "person"
-It is not suitable for anyone of any age
-Don't feed Mermanny after midnight
-Not cause he'll turn into a Gremlin or something but because he's trying watch his weight
-Ahh who's kidding. Feed him twice at midnight and repeat every 2-3 hours for optimal poofines