E.T. The Event Table Alien Pin
Special Ed Toys

"E.T. accept cash, credit and Reese's Pieces..."
-E.T. (probably)
"Have you been to one of my events and taken a selfie with my life sized E.T.? Forced one of your terrified children to take a picture with him? Have almost spilled your $25 Michelada on him? Either way your love for him doesn't have to end there because now you can take him home in the form of a 3.1" Soft Enamel Pin with Epoxy Sealer! Yay! "E.T. The Event Table Alien" can now go with you to every pin event, every convention, your cousin's quinceaƱera, your late night E.T. movie watching party for one while you ugly cry at the end, and pretty much everywhere else! And as an added bonus this to scale action figure style pin comes carded on a 6"x9" action figure sized cardback! And from what I've seen this has never been done before so I'm stoked to bring you yet another first from Special Ed Toys!"
*Card art and design by MOC Toys