Ralph & Par Set
OK Luna

RALPH & PAR is a story about young RALPH who happened to break into a strange world while taking part in a school trip, and got acquainted with the baby elephant PAR, adventure together and find their mother. Ralph didn't know where his mother was. Her mom didn't come to take Ralph on a trip, even on the rainy day. Ralph was very sad and found a place to cry. Suddenly, all the dark clouds gathered together and turned into an elephant. The elephant was roaring, but there was no response from all around, so she drifted away towards the sea. Suddenly Ralph saw a baby elephant next to a big tree that was exactly the same as the one just now, half squatting on a pink ball, a few small clouds surrounding her, very cute, but crying very sadly, because she couldn't find her mother, it was the elephant just now. Although the baby elephant is larger than Ralph, it is as pitiful as a newborn puppy. To be honest, Ralph couldn't leave her crying. "My name is Ralph, I'll call you Par, OK? Don't cry, I'll accompany you to find mom," said Ralph. At this time Ralph found that his tears had completely stopped, and a pair of small wings grew on his back.

Elephant: 6.70", Kid: 4.33"
Final color may vary