OMFG Series 2 - Flesh
October Toys

by October Toys

Outlandish Mini Figure Guys! Series 2 continues the OMFG line with five more PVC collectible minifigures measuring approximately 2" each, in blister on card, including:

1. Puke Knight designed/sculpt by Jared DeCosta (redjarojam)

2. Shirtle designed by Kenjitron / sculpted by George Gaspar

3. Cry-borg designed/sculpted by Andrew Scribner (RuFuS)

4. Cuddlehard designed/sculpted by turboPISTOLA

5. Grimm Gourd concept by Greg Merreighn, designed by Charles Marsh. & sculpted by Mike Fleming Jr.

This project originated from the fabulous group of artists, designers, and toy enthusiasts that have gathered at the October Toys/Toy Break forum (octobertoys.com/forum). Over the course of several months, hundreds of character ideas were submitted from all around the world and were voted down to the five fan favorite designs to be put in to production. With the help of fans and a successful Kickstarter campaign, October Toys is proud to present five more awesome mini figures in the OMFG family!