Sundae Girls - I Want Candy
Fawn Gehweiler
Necessaries Toy Foundation

Once again Necessaries Toy Foundation sets a new record for the amount of time (6 years) taken to complete a project..."I Want Candy" the first of the 3 sundae girls figures based on original artwork by Miss Fawn Gehweiler and sculpted by hotshit, Dave Pressler is now ready for human consumption...standing nearly 14 inches tall with 5 points of articulation and packaged in a rather snappy box "I Want Candy" is being released in an edition of 500...

Fawn Gehweiler's signature character based paintings, installations and works on paper have exhibited in galleries around the world and appear in a number of prominent private collections. Originally from Hawaii and currently based in the Pacific Northwest, her work combines the influence of a bohemian upbringing and sartorial escapism. Once described by The Face magazine as "the visual equivalent of candyfloss peppered with broken glass, delicious yet dangerous" and widely considered a major influence in the recent explosion of young feminine art in the United States, her work hinges on a delicate balance of past and present, building obsessive narratives through personal artifacts that reflect the imaginary worlds of little girls, treading the fine line between wide eyed innocence and dark fairy tales.