"The War on Art" pocket book 
Mear One
Mear One

Welcome to the first pressing of "The War on Art" a 56-page pocket book for the savvy urban dweller (limited edition: only 100)
From the artist (MEAR ONE):
"This essay on "A Theoretical Approach to Interpreting Creative Freedom in Capitalism" has been a deep passion project of mine for the past decade. Here I've only provided excerpts from a much larger publication I'm still working on, but I wanted to celebrate the release of my latest print "American Revolution" with a taste of what's to come.
Ride with me & take a critical journey through Art and its influence on the Human Experience. What does art consist of and how does art shape reality? This essay on what I call "The War on Art" reveals how art is being dumbed-down and has all but lost its meaning. While new ideas are constantly transforming the world around causing us to think in a multitude of avant-garde directions, this evolutionary process is being slowed down by the greed and callous holding power of those who remain ideologically stuck in the past for future profit, homogenizing culture purely for financial gain to the point where the fundamental attributes of human Creativity are being attacked in desperate search of Capital & Control.
If it takes money to make money then it also takes money to make art, defining who can and cannot express themselves in a wealthy and successful manner. For those who know this yet remain silent it's as if they don't exist. The sleeping masses will buy whatever becomes popular in the moment, co-opted by a bored elite of so-called movers, shakers, and tastemakers set on Capitalizing Other People's Culture through their purchasing power of the means of production, dissemination, influence and mastery over various platforms of control. The question is does anyone really care to see this charade for what it is? Apathy is on the rise eroding our creative freedoms & rights. Art is in this sense no different than the political world, it's just as corrupt & full of illusions built on a house of cards. But all is not lost, there is light and it exists in the realm of higher consciousness. We must seek out the sacred and desire a life lived authentically if we are to preserve our organic state of creation and liberation. PEACE, MEAR