P.C. [Paper Computer]

P.C. (Paper Computer) is a paper craft kit that comes beautifully bound as a 12-page booklet. The booklet includes step-by-step instructions for assembly and all of the necessary parts needed to build your very own Kinekt microcomputer paper model.

When assembled, P.C. features interactive, mechanical elements. Insert the paper CD-ROM into the disc tray and close it shut to reveal a hidden message on the screen. Each time the disc tray is opened or closed, the screen display will shift.

P.C. is a fun interactive assembled model for the desktop, looks great even as a complete booklet, or is simply an enjoyable crafting project to do individually or with family and friends.

The following basic tools are suggested for assembly:

- X-acto Knife or blunt craft knife (for scoring and cutting)
- small piece of cardboard or toothpicks (for dabbing glue in small places)
- cutting board
- sharp small pair of scissors
- metal ruler
- all purpose glue

* No electronics were harmed (used) in the making of this product!