Juxtapoz 210 Summer 2019 Issue

Juxtapoz is pleased to announce our Summer 2019 Quarterly edition, featuring cover art by one of the most talked about painters in the world today, Robin F Williams. The NYC-based painter has captured an original artistic voice in recent years, both figurative and at times absurd, classic and yet truly visionary. When we talk to her contemporaries, Robin's name is almost first on their list of painters who demands attention. Ahead of her solo show at Various Small Fires in Los Angeles in Fall 2019, Megan N Liberty sat down with the artist in her Brooklyn studio to talk about faces, how women are depicted in classic American advertising and how a painting is built. Also in Summer 2019: Features on Danielle Orchard, Paul Insect, Don Ed Hardy, Ellen Berkenblit, Tschabalala Self, Mario Ayala and LSD World Peace Spotlights on Jean Jullien, Jessica Campbell at MCA Chicago, Rewina Beshue, LA Roxx, Hilda Palafox, Alex Chinneck, Boston's art scene, Parsons School of Design, Nuart Aberdeen and recap Phlegm's incredible work in Sheffield, England.