Justin Time: The Big Pet Story
Brandon Scott

Adapted and illustrated by Brandon Scott

This book series is based on episodes from the popular animated television show, which airs on PBS Sprout and NBC Kids on Saturday mornings in the USA, and on Disney's Family Channel in Canada.

Justin wants a pet! So he and his pal Squidgy wonder which big pet would be best? Soon they meet their friend Olive in India, where Justin is now a prince or "Raja". Now a royal pet keeper, Olive helps Raja Justin take care of his new elephant, Tiny!

Together with his friends, Justin learns how to play with, feed, and clean up after Tiny by following the instructions in Olive's book. But Justin discovers the daily cycle has just begun. Maybe having a pet isn't so easy after all!

Each story in the Justin Time series highlights the importance of creativity, as Justin travels around the world and into different eras to learn about history, social interaction, and life lessons.

Hardcover, 36 pages