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Dead Zebra

Whether you're in an office, on video calls at home, searching for a job or even diving into a new career- it’s hard work! Celebrate the industrious, resilient and diverse workforce the world over with the fun new @Work set of 12 different career-themed Android mini collectibles.

These versatile vinyl figures stand 3” tall and have individually posable antennae, arms and heads.

Case includes one of each of 12 different designs in a windowed box. Here’s what’s inside!

· Agriculture / Farmer / Field Worker Android with cap

· Café Worker / Barista / Roaster Android with mug

· Chef / Baker / Food Service Android with chef hat and knife

· Contractor / Construction / Lineworker Android with safety helmet and screwdriver

· Developer / Coder / Cyber Security Android with laptop and phone

· Executive / Lawyer / Investor Android with briefcase and phone

· Healthcare Worker / Doctor / Nurse Android with face mask and stethoscope

· Logistics / Mail / Delivery / Messenger Android with cap and package

· Reporter / Journalist / Correspondent Android with microphone, camera and phone

· Teacher / Counselor / Consultant Android with briefcase and notebook

· Tech Support / IT / Engineer Android with badge, Pixelbook and Ethernet cable

· Waitstaff / Host / Bartender / Sommelier Android with towel and wine bottle