War-Toys special edition book (w/ pewter toy soldiers and print) by Brian McCarty
Brian McCarty

The special edition (limited to 50) features:
• Alternate cover with hand distressed silver foil stamping.
• Individually numbered / signed title page.
• Toy artifact (34mm tall, cast in pewter) - molded from the actual toy solider featured on the cover and used in Wall Shooting.
• Signed / numbered 5x7 print of Wall Shooting.
• Certificate of authenticity.
To mark the release of WAR-TOYS: Israel, West Bank, Gaza Strip a specially printed, signed, and numbered edition of 50 copies was bundled with artwork and an artifact from the project.
Wall Shooting was one of the first photographs from the series. It recreated children's accounts of a little boy being shot by a soldier, using an army man purchased in the Arab Quarter of Jerusalem's Old City. The plastic toy, captured in a moment along the West Bank separation barrier, was chosen for the cover of the book.
Expertly molded from the original, the 34mm tall figure was recreated in solid pewter by Los Angeles-based Pretty in Plastic with the addition of "War-Toys 2013" to the bottom of its base.
A signed and numbered 5x7 print of Wall Shooting along with a certificate of authenticity completes the set.