Tim Biskup Dolbee Figure
Tim Biskup

My Bloody Valentine Dec 2009 Dolbee Toy by Tim Biskup

Tim Biskup (b. Santa Monica, CA. 1967- ) is a fine artist who lives and works in Southern California. His art has graced the walls of galleries and museums worldwide. His history in the illustration, animation and graphic design worlds lends his work a polish and style that often belies its conceptual underpinnings. With recent forays into the writing of theoretical text, and performance art he seems determined to remind his audience that he has a lot on his mind. But he's not just musing. His theories and actions, while quite well thought out, verge on nihilism and anarchy, matching the visual intensity of his paintings, sculptures and prints. A recent NYC solo exhibition featured a 60 page manifesto that railed against the established art world as a "post-art wasteland populated with pathetic vampires struggling to maintain the illusion of their own relevance". At a performance in Rome earlier this year, the artist, to the surprise of the audience, revealed a giant catapult and began firing upon his work, destroying an entire courtyard full of his own symbolic pyramid sculptures. In 2007 Biskup began a project called "Ego Killer", in which he offers "Nice" caricatures at a price or "Mean" caricatures for free. Participants always opt for the latter which gives the artist a free hand to insult them with his interpretation of their visage. The results of these experiments, which have occurred mostly in nightclubs and bars have been wide ranging, from hugs and laughter to tears and even threats of physical violence!

Limited to 365 units. Produced for the ATP Nightmare Before Christmas festival curated by My Bloody Valentine in December 2009.