Master of the Swamp: Blue Swamp Gas Edition GID pin
Special Ed Toys

“Pins are the path to the dark side…Pins leads to being broke…being broke leads to regret…regret leads to wanting to return this. But return you cannot. Sales final they are...mmmmm.”
-Master Of The Swamp
The “Cheap Plastic Mask” series is back with a special Glow In The Dark “Master Of The Swamp: Blue Swamp Gas" Edition featuring the swamp dwelling intergalactic uncle himself in collaboration with BB-CRE.8. This poor man's Buddha glows brightly in the dark and is limited to only 80 pieces with each one being individually numbered on the back which means once they're gone...you're out of luck! But beware because he's full of self proclaimed wisdom and he’s ready to embarrass you in front of all your scruffy good for nothing nerf herding friends in a pathetic attempt to spark nostalgia from your childhood Halloween days of wearing cheap plastic costumes in a box! So just give in to the power of the blatant attempt to pry open your wallets and snag one for yourself and a friend! And each 1.75” Extra Hard Blue...Enamel Pin comes carded on a terrible homage to the boxes that held those lead paint covered costumes! So what are you waiting for? And as always..."May The Force
Be IN You!” I know what I said.
-Made with tears and lack of sleep in Los Angeles, CA
-This is a poorly made pin by a poorly managed brand
-It is not suitable for anyone of any age
-Do not attempt to wear over your face or use to relive your childhood as both will result in severe crying and the loss of your self esteem
-Satisfaction or your money back guaranteed
-Guarantees not guaranteed