Amazing Heroes Trading Cards
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The Drawn Word

From the Amazing Heroes toy line comes this 22-card set, featuring all the heroes of Wave 1, along with the new ones added for the upcoming Wave 2.

Amazing Heroes is a retro action figure line that merges classic superheroes like Black Terror, Stardust, Green Turtle, the Golden Age Daredevil, and others with modern hero Madman! Wave 2 features upcoming heroes Nexus, Sable, the Golden Age Wonderman, and Blackout.

What's more, the set features art by some of the greatest comic book artists alive! We have:

Madman, Daredevil, and Cosmic Madman by Michael Allred
Stardust by Erik Larsen
Silver Streak by Tim Seeley
Green Turtle by Sonny Liew
Black Terror by Tom Fowler
Champion of Mars by Reilly Brown
Amazing Man by Steve Butler
American Crusader by Khoi Pham
Puzzler by Mike Norton
Puzzler's Henchmen by Ryan Browne
Chrometurion by Jamal Igle
Nexus by Steve Rude
Sable by Mike Grell
Wonderman by Dean Haspiel
Captain Future by Simon Fraser
Blackout by Wil Rosado

The full set comes hand wrapped in two packs.